Project Team

Who are the professional calligraphers?                                                     

The major professional calligraphers are from Trashigang, Bartsham, because they have been trained in the art of calligraphy from a very early age. All have been instructed in the art of skilled calligraphy from the accomplished master, the late Lama Kunzang Wangdi (or alias, Lama Nyingkula).

There are a few calligraphers from other Dzongkhags as well. About forty calligraphers have gathered in Thimphu to transcribe the one hundred sacred volumes of Buddha’s canon. They are considered the best and most exceptional calligraphers at this time in the country because the Royal Secretariat has summoned them in Thimphu to execute a sacred project of calligraphy using only gold script.

All of them possess the six qualities of the art of calligraphy such as perfect proportion, ability to write quick, ability to write in the correct manner, uniformity of the script, clarity in letter and all done in perfect alignment.

The six attributes are known in Chokey

Legpajogpadakpa dang//

Nyomtsangdrigsum leg Tshangna//

Khepaigosathobpa yin//

Who will do proof reading and editing job?  
Collected Works project team

Four senior Khenpos will read through and edit each and every word of the transcription as it progresses along. They will first read the original text printed from the xylograph and then proof-reading will be done in accordance with the original texts.                                            

However, they will neither alter the sentence structure nor correct the spelling mistakes if they are not one hundred percent sure about the needed changes. This means they will keep the original version as intact as closely as possible. They will then complete a proof-reading the entire newly transcribed version at least three times, or until they are fully satisfied with the content of the Adzom Drukpa Edition.

Patron and members of Sacred Project

His Eminence Lama Namkhai Nyingpo – Supreme Patron

Kenchen Tshewang     – Chief Advisor & 9th Throne holder of Tharpaling                                            

Kenchen Tandin Sithup  – editor Chief Abbot of Autsho Shedra

Khenpo Phuntsho Gyaltshen – Chief Editor Director of Mahapanya Vidayalai, Thailand             

Dasho Pasang Dorji – Former National Speaker – General Treasurer

Kunzang Tobgay – Chief Supervisor of the Calligraphers, Supervisor of Kanjur Project

Lopen Nado     – Assistant Advisor, Manager of Incense Factory

Khenpo Chonyi Rangdrol – editor Lecturer of Mahapanya Vidayalai, Thailand

Khenpo Phuntsok Tashi – Project Director, Former Director of NMB, Paro

As mentioned earlier, Longchenpa’s works possess qualities of sacredness. Among them, three are most important and include the sacred wisdom of Longchenpa, involvement of sacred protective deities and the sacred title of the works. Longchenpa composed his writings from a wisdom mind and not from ordinary thought and concepts, and because of this, his works are considered supreme and sacred.                                                                                             

It is said that each word in the text is guarded by the dharma protective deities, Rahul, Ekajati and Damchen Dorji Legpa, and through the protection of their thousand eyes.

Each title of his works awakens the reader’s mind such as the Trilogy of comfort and ease, the Trilogy of Natural Freedom, the Trilogy of Dispelling darkness and so on. His synopsis and outline of the text help readers better understand the complete meaning of the entire collection of volumes.                                           

Therefore, if one has the motivation to sponsor this sacred project in accordance with capacity, the resultant amount of merit will be limitless because all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of ten directions will showered a rain of blessings upon each and every benefactor until they are able to become a Buddha like them.