First Motivation for the Project

Tharpaling monastery, Bhutan

In September 2019, at Tharpaling, Bumthang – the place of liberation – His Eminence Lama Namkhai Nyingpo bestowed blessings of the Reading Transmission to the public through the transmission of the Seven Treasuries of the Great Longchenpa.

While receiving this very special reading transmission, many students wondered why Rinpoche had a variety of different sized traditional books which contained the volumes of this treasure text. While making time to look at them, it was found that different editions were included and some errors and incorrect spellings of the actual text.

His Eminence Lama Namkhai Nyingpo

At the same time, the thought rose within devotees that someone should take effort to initiate a re-transcription of this complete works so that the use and application of the Seven Treasuries could continue and be used in most exact and accurate form. And by doing so, the benefit of this improved resource could be shared for wider use by enlightened scholars and other practitioners of learning centres and meditation centres around the world. This idea was also especially important as none of the previous texts had been produced in a complete manner and not set out through the art of Bhutanese calligraphy.

This is how the positive idea and intention of completing a full re-creation of the text by use of traditional calligraphy form arose at the sacred place of Longhenpa, Tharpaling, Bumthang. This also seemed very auspicious because at the same time, three sacred features also came together with this idea or inspiration: the idea arising at a sacred place,Tharpaling, the idea flourishing due to sacred teachings of the Seven Treasuries being given and the intention coming into clear focus through the teachings being given by the sacred lama, HE Namkhai Nyingpo.

Based on these conditions and motivations, the 9thTharpaling Lama Khenchen Tshewang and I went to see HE Namkhai Nyingpo. We shared our ideas and sacred wish with Rinpoche. The moment we mentioned the project idea to Rinpoche, his face immediately lit up and was glowing as if it was the rising sun appearing in the early morning from the east. Rinpoche expressed his approval and support by raising his thumbs up in supportive gesture and proclaiming “Good News”.

We then requested HE to be the patron of the calligraphy project and bestow guidance on the process of completing it and he most happily consented to our request.