Cultural, Economic and Spiritual Benefits

Cultural benefits

•Preservation of the art of calligraphy

•The traditional art of making papers

•The traditional usage of cane as pen.

•The art of preparing ink

•Polishing of the papers

•Art of making pechas

•Weaving of its wrappers

•Weaving of its belts

•Making silver buckles

Economic Benefits

There are also various economic benefits associated with the project, including:

•Continuing the profession of calligraphers

•Recruiting the younger generation

•Providing wages for the editors


•Adaptation of technology


Spiritual Benefits

•Calligraphers and particularly, editors have the liberty and opportunity to read the entire works of Longchen Rabjam.

•Whoever is attached to this project shares the perfection of both merit and wisdom accumulations.

•More experts in Longchenpa’s works.