Benefit and purpose of the calligraphy

The great Bodhisattva Dza Patrul Rinpoche said:

The art of perfect calligraphy is the emanation of the Buddhas,

There is no higher art than calligraphy to arouse the devotion to Buddha’s teachings.

Tens of thousands of people will benefit from this re-creation of the text through calligraphy form of Longchenpa’s complete works. In particular, hundreds of Rinpoches, Lamas, Khenpos, meditators, retreatants and so forth will appreciate and make use of the newly created text. As there is no complete set of the calligraphy version of Longchenpa’s works, neither in Bhutan or Tibet, this will become a very unique and important resource. Although at this time everyone refers and widely uses his collected works in both Shedras and Drubdras (Learning and Meditation centres), if this new, perfectly transcribed version is completed through use of the art of calligraphy and done on traditional paper with perfect script size, this will be one of the best gifts ever offered to the Buddhist world.

This is also a contribution towards upholding the teachings of the Buddha, because people will firstly read the works and then contemplate and meditate on its meaning in the middle and then become realized through application and practice of this sacred works.

As HE lama Namkhai Nyingpo has indicated, he himself has taken time to provide six separate reading transmission of the Seven Treasuries of Great Longchenpa’s works, but never has this been done at Tharpaling, the main seat of Longchenpa.

Through engagement and support to this initiative, there are five types of liberation that can be obtained; if we are also involved and carry out this project, merely seeing the newly completed works of Longchenpa will help in dispelling our ignorance and this results in liberation upon seeing. Secondly, through reading of the texts one’s own doubt in the dharma will be cleared and thirdly, by remembering the meaning of the teachings realization will be born within the mind. In addition, if we happen to be able to actually touch the texts with our head and hand, we will receive powerful blessings as if we have met Longchenpa in person. Longchenpa himself said that he has no other additional blessings to bestow except those generated through his works.

Dharma Protectress, Ekajati

Longchenpa is considered the union emanation of the great Pandit Vimalamitra and Vairochana and his writings were executed or guided by three main dharma protective deities which include Ekajati, Rahula and Damchen Dorji Legpa. It is said that at the time of composing the Seven Treasuries, which took place at Gangri Thodkar retreat place, Ekajati supplied the ink, Damchen Dorji Legpa supplied paper and Rahula undertook the calligraphy work of all Seven Treasuries.

Therefore, Longchenpa’s works are well protected by each of these powerful deities because they are so sacred and hold more treasure knowledge than many other writings, compositions or manuscripts. Each word and line allows sentient beings to draw nearer to enlightenment and freedom from suffering.